Why Choose Zensurfrei?


Because we care about FREE SPEECH! - For us, this is a sacred cause. Not just a "business" to "make money".

Our founder and CEO, Gerhard Lauck, is a former political prisoner. He was imprisoned in Europe for FOUR YEARS solely for publishing six issues of a newspaper inside the USA, under the supposed protection of the First Amendment!

Yes, some European "democracies" claim jurisdiction even over U.S. publishers and webmasters! - The grounds? Their publications are sent into their countries and their web-sites are "accessible" there.

Imprisonments, deportations and even an assassination attempt have failed to break us! You can trust us a heck of a lot more than an anonymous server in a Third World country.

Furthermore, we have been doing this since 2000. One of the three largest servers in the USA once told us that we were one of their ten largest web-site resellers worldwide.


We seek to ensure our clients get the best possible service at the best price. The prices listed below are only a guideline, as products and services can be added a la carte.

Silver - Secure Hosting

  • 10 GB disk space
  • 100 GB data transfer per month.
  • Domain Name registration is FREE for first year!
  • No setup charge!
  • No registration charge!

$240 per year

Gold - Hosting & Design

  • Everything in the Silver plan
  • Website custom built for your organization
  • All sites look great on mobile & tablets
  • Newsletters, Contact Forms,  & More
  • Basic website management & training 
  • Basic logo & graphic design 

$500 per year

Platinum - Ultimate Site

  • Everything in the Gold & Silver plans
  • Special sites: e-commerce, forum, social network
  • Website management, support, & training
  • Easy updates by you or our team
  • Marketing meetings with our experts

$1000 per year


Please let us know as much (or as little) about yourself, your organization, and your needs. We review each client on a case-by-case basis to ensure you are more than happy with our services.

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Anonymous Websites Are Possible!


The domain name is registered in the name of a U.S. firm. Even our firm does not need to know your identity. (Payment can be sent with an anonymous letter with reference to your web-site.)

Political repression is increasing in Europe! European webmasters can reduce their risk by moving their web-sites to the USA! Zensurfrei establishes your web-site with a reliable server in the USA. Pay by the quarter or by the year. We accept Euro banknotes or US Dollar banknotes, no coins.

It's fast, easy and convenient! On request we will - without cost or obligation - check to see if your desired domain name (ending with .com, .net or .org) is still available. (It is best to tell us a few alternative domain names to check out at the same time.)


For other business inquiries, please visit RJG Enterprises