Censorship-Free, Anonymous & Secure Web Hosting

The internet was once the bastion of free speech, but that is quickly changing. In addition to being imprisoned for lengthy sentences, political dissidents routinely have their websites terminated in Europe, Australia, Canada and other parts of the world simply for being "politically incorrect," re-examining history, or exposing criminals in positions of power. This Soviet-style censorship is even encroaching into the United States under the guise of battling against "hate speech," and most of the big web hosting providers quickly cave to any pressure exerted against them.

The Solution to Censorship is Here

We here at Zensurfrei, which is German for "censorship-free," believe there is no such thing as "hate speech," only free speech that is hated by the established authorities. Zensurfrei.com is the first fully managed and secure web hosting provider for those denied access to mainstream hosting due to "offensive" content. We provide the first totally secure censorship-free hosting infrastructure for your Linux-based web applications and websites (such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla). We even have a team of designers and developers who can create any kind of website you require, regardless of complexity.

Superb Security

We combine dynamic monitoring robots with 24 hour server staff in our network operations center, to provide unprecedented layers of security that are usually not seen in more conventional hosting environments. We make data security a top priority, so threats by SJWers and others will be meaningless! Our servers also employ IP address restrictions and other automated procedures, to deny access on critical ports to anyone who is not authorized. This reduces intrusion risk by over 99%. All file related actions by those who do have access to our servers are logged in a detailed, searchable format that is retained for 12 months. Our robots intricately monitor our servers 24 hours a day and staff are immediately notified in any unlikely event (such as the detection of an unwanted network intrusion).

Preventing Attacks

DDoS prevention is provided by RioRey, the leader in DDoS defense systems, which automatically detects and mitigates DDoS attacks BEFORE they take down your website. Used all over the world, the RioRey analytic-driven solution is designed to meet the most rigorous security requirements of major enterprises, as well as large hosting providers.

We've Got Your Back-Up

Our robots make daily backups of all stored data, including a daily historical archive of all databases. Archives are retained daily for a week, weekly for one year, and monthly for the term of your hosting contract. In the rare event you should require data from sometime in the past, we will likely be able to provide it for you.

The Zensurfrei Difference

First, our staff consists of free speech activists driven more by idealism than desire for financial reward. Our CEO is Gerhard Lauck, a former political prisoner who spent four years in a foreign prison solely for publishing a newspaper! That's why we can and do offer more at a lower price than other companies. Second, our co-workers include very capable professionals with decades of experience in both IT and business. Actually, combined, we're talking about well over a CENTURY! Third, Zensurfrei.com is the web-hosting division of a consulting firm. Global networking, third party barter, innovative marketing, and long-term strategic planning put our outfit in a class by itself. Simply put, man for man and dollar for dollar, nobody outperforms us. Fourth, we put our money where are mouth is! Our extremely generous introductory offer is a no lose, win-win scenario. No cost, no obligation!

Special Offer

We are currently offering FREE WEB-HOSTING for political dissidents for a three month trial period! You can use your own domain name or use a free sub-domain of ours. All we require is a banner advertisement for Zensurfrei.com. Of course, we must first learn a little about your website! Contact info@zensurfrei.com or visit zensurfrei.com and fill out the contact form.


We seek to ensure our clients get the best possible service at the best price. The prices listed below are only a guideline, as products and services can be added a la carte.

We are able to work with customers who have budgetary constraints and special circumstances.

Silver - Secure Hosting

  • Domain Name registration is FREE for first year!
  • No setup charge!
  • No registration charge!

$0 - $240 per year

Gold - Hosting & Design

  • Everything in the Silver plan
  • Website custom built for your organization
  • All sites look great on mobile & tablets
  • Newsletters, Contact Forms,  & More
  • Basic website management & training 
  • Basic logo & graphic design 

$500 per year

Platinum - Ultimate Site

  • Everything in the Gold & Silver plans
  • Special sites: e-commerce, forum, social network
  • Website management, support, & training
  • Easy updates by you or our team
  • Marketing meetings with our experts

$1000 per year


Please let us know as much (or as little) about yourself, your organization, and your needs. We review each client on a case-by-case basis to ensure you are more than happy with our services.

Frequently Asked Questions




Where can I read the terms of service and find the content restrictions?

Essentially we have none.  We don't have a terms of service and we don't have an acceptable use policy (meaning there are no rules for you to violate). But that said, WE need to remain legal, so you must be over 18 years of age and you must not violate any federal laws in the USA. That's it. We believe there is no such thing as "hate speech" only "speech", as any "hate" connotations applied to that speech, is purely subjective.  Your freedom of speech is protected here!

But, in order for us to remain legal in the USA, you can't upload, post, discuss, request, or link to anything that violates United States federal law -- and you must be over the age of 18 to use our services. Examples of things you can't do on the Internet (legally in the USA) include: child pornography, copyrighted material, death threats made against government officials, posting national secrets and so on.


Are anonymous websites possible?

The domain name is registered in the name of a U.S. firm. Even our firm does not need to know your identity. (Payment can be sent with an anonymous letter with reference to your web-site.)

Political repression is increasing in Europe! European webmasters can reduce their risk by moving their web-sites to the USA! Zensurfrei establishes your web-site with a reliable server in the USA. Pay by the quarter or by the year. We accept Euro banknotes or US Dollar banknotes, no coins.

It's fast, easy and convenient! On request we will - without cost or obligation - check to see if your desired domain name (ending with .com, .net or .org) is still available. (It is best to tell us a few alternative domain names to check out at the same time.)


Where can I find the specs for the hosting allowances, bandwidth, etc.?

How much do you need? We don't have any quota system and we allocate to each individual user, whatever it is they need -- within reason. We obviously can't host a lot of really large videos for the same rate that we host a blog site for example -- so let us know your requirements.

For other business inquiries, please visit RJG Enterprises