Travellers Alert for Germany . . .

Travellers  Alert !

U.S. citizen ARRESTED WITHOUT WARNING at German airport !

Publishers and webmasters are at the greatest risk. – The German Justice Ministry claims global jurisdiction, because American publications AND AMERICAN INTERNET SITES are "accessible" in Germany. But even an innocent letter put an elderly American in a German jail for five months.

Top managers of BARNES AND NOBLE and AMAZON have been threatened with imprisonment in Germany for Internet book sales. (The Jewish Press August 27, 1999 and Die Welt September 17, 1999).

American newspaper publisher Gerhard Lauck was kidnapped in Denmark under a German arrest warrant, taken against his will to Germany and imprisoned there for four years! His offense? He published a newspaper in America promoting free speech. Germany’s jurisdiction claim? The newspaper had subscribers in Germany.

A WWII veteran was arrested at the Frankfurt airport and jailed for over five months. His offense? He wrote a letter from America protesting against human rights abuses in Germany. Germany’s jurisdiction claim? That letter was mailed to Germany.

An educator was imprisoned in Germany because of his totally legal newsletter – in English – on an Internet web-site in Australia!

German Justice Minister Nehm has publicly threatened to arrest Americans entering Germany, if their web-sites IN AMERICA displease him.* Germany’s jurisdiction claim? These web-sites are "accessible" in Germany. (* Der Spiegel #46/1996).France also claims jurisdiction on the same grounds.

The U.S. State Department has consistently refused to help these Americans to regain their freedom. Germany is too important as an "ally" and "business partner". American sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution are sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. In short: U.S. citizens are now being arrested in Germany solely for practicing free speech inside America!

Stay out of prison!

Stay out of Germany !

Wanted: Free speech activists, webmasters and lawyers who believe that airlines and travel agencies should face legal action for failure to clearly warn their customers of this danger.


throughout the global internet community!

Activists !

Download the above text! Print your own fliers! Distribute them effectively!

If feasible, target airports and the travel industry, but check your local laws, ordinances and regulations first. Stay 100% legal! Send us an Action Report with date, location and photos!

Webmasters !

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