How do I order a web-site from

1. Tell us what domain name you want. Without cost or obligation, we will check to see if it is still available. It is best to also give a second choice and a third choice.

2. Then simply order a web-site with the desired domain name. We register the domain name for this web-site and place the web-site at your disposal.

3. The web-site costs 60,00 per quarter or 240,00 per year. Payable by the quarter or by the year. (We accept Euro banknotes or US Dollar banknotes. No coins.) This web-site has 10 GB disk space and a data transfer allowance of up to 100 GB per month. The server is in the USA and reliable.

4. ANONYMOUS WEB-SITES ARE POSSIBLE! The domain name is registered in the name of a U.S. firm. Even our firm does not need to know your identity. (Payment can be sent with an anonymous letter with reference to your web-site.)

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