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White Victims of Non-White Crime - Nationalist Political Prisoners - Gerhard Lauck Politics #101

White Victims of Non-White Crime

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Black Crime, White Victim! Are YOU Next!

The above videos portray just a few of the THOUSANDS of victims! In the USA: Colton Gleason , David Peterson, Alexandra & Arian Engler, Felicia Gayle, Tevin Geike, Colleen Ritzer, Serenity Jade Reedy, Jonathan Foster. In Germany: Jolin S. In Sweden: Elin Krantz. In Iceland: Laufey Ingibjartsdottir . In Canada: Josh Hunter . In South Africa: Daan Wybenga, Amaro Viana. In the United Kingdom: Daniel Stringer-Prince, Cara Matie Burke. In Spain: Nicole Zanlith . In Venezuela: Monica Spear & Thomas Berry . In Greece: Myrto Papadomichelaki. In Australia: A 14 year old girl, Jo La Spina. In the Czech Republic: A 12 year old boy . In New Zealand: Zara Schofield . In Russia: Anna Beshnova, Vasilisa Galycina, Egor Sviridov, Maxim Sychev .

We want to add more WHITE CRIME VICTIM videos from around the WORLD! However, we need YOUR help!

 Nationalist Political Prisoners

Gefangenenliste / Political Prisoner List


Boeremag Case - 20 Boers Imprisoned in South Africa ! / Boeremag-Afrikaans / Boeremag-Français / Boeremag-Italiana / Boeremag-Pýcckhh / Boeremag-Española


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Here are only a few of the 125 (!) videos produced in ten languages by Gerhard Lauck's INTERNATIONAL VIDEO TEAM in just ONE month! Many more videos are under production.

YOUR volunteer work and/or financial support is needed to continue, even expand, this effort!

Contact jean@zensurfrei.com

Gerhard Lauck Politics #101


 Wall Street Swindle, Anti-White System, Biggest Threat, World War Two Facts and Results

Heidi Prototype Video


Save me!

The White Solidarity initiative is devoted to SOLIDARITY among White Nationalists...regardless of ideological or organizational preference. Solidarity is more than a nice word. It is a BELIEF that expresses itself in concrete ACTION!


Any differences between us in political, economic, religious or tactical views are SECONDARY. They should NOT interfere with collaboration (or at least liaison).

We seek DOERS, not TALKERS.

White Nationalists of every variety should actively seek out ways we can HELP each other. Not argue. There are MANY different approaches. Each has advantages and disadvantages. They should SUPPLEMENT, not COMPETE with, each other!

Solidarity starts with individuals ("lone wolves"), webmasters and small groups. 

Below are just some of the ways we can WORK TOGETHER for Race and Nation!

More Articles

Martin Place Flower Memorial (Australia)

How YOU Can Fight Back!


Even the “lone wolf” activist, operating “alone” in a country where Nationalism is banned or otherwise suppressed, can effectively promote Nationalism!


Our motto is TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! Our Track Record proves It!

WANTED: Volunteer Co-Workers !

Literature Distributors

Download, print and distribute our literature!

Important: Read the flier on that page entitled “How To Distribute Literature Effectively”. (It was written for activists in the USA, but the tips apply everywhere.)

In addition to English, these layouts also include "pictorial" propaganda material that is suitable for use anywhere in the world!

If the activist designs and produces his own Nationalist propaganda, he should add our contact url. This greatly increases the media effectiveness!

Important: Do NOT include anything that may violate U.S. law and thereby jeopardize our legal base in the USA. Do NOT promote violence and/or “terrorism”. HUMOR is often both the most effective and most safe approach.

Tip: Take a photo! Send us the image file along with a brief Action Report. Please include date and location. (In the past, we're even published photos of our stickers on consulates!) Good visuals in the right context can be both highly amusing and extremely effective. These reports can be sent anonymously, if desired.  

Note: If YOUR group WANTS to do media interviews, this is fine. If it does NOT want to do media interviews, please refer the media to us. Let us know either way so that we know what to tell the media if and when they contact us.



Send us interesting material from OTHER web-sites or print media. Write a brief summary or simply take a brief excerpt and say "for more information click here" and list the url.



Put your talent to good use! Your articles may appear on web-sites and/or in print media. Maybe even as a book!

We have already published HUNDREDS of books in SEVERAL languages. Ultra-small press runs are our specialty.



Nationalists who read and write a foreign language fluently – and who are willing to translate articles etc. for us – are asked to report to us. Our official languages are German and English.


Assistant Webmasters

Each LANGUAGE SECTION of our web-site should compiled and written by the respective NATIVES.

The ideal web-site structure is for all material in a specific language to be located inside ONE folder. [Note: This folder might have sub-folders within itself.] That way, our central office can simply upload the whole folder. - Our industrious, and hence exemplary, Bulgarian comrades have been doing this for many years. They also help with other projects, which benefit ALL comrades. Solidarity of the deed!


Video Project Team

An international Video Project Team is currently producing videos for the TRAVELERS ALERT campaign. (Also for other projects.)  Several language versions are already online. Many more are in preparation.


Computer Programs

We use MS Word 2002 and MS Publisher 2002. We intentionally use old, low cost, readily available, simple programs, because our co-workers are scattered worldwide and often have very limited computer skills. Standardization and simplicity are therefore very important! Knowledge of MS FrontPage 2002, MS PowerPoint 2002 or 2010 and Windows Movie Maker is advantageous, but not essential.


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